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I have been in radio most of my life.  I started working on the radio when I attended Grahm College in Boston, Massachusetts, a college station, WCSB in 1965.  It's very ironic because here I am back on the radio air waves at WVCR 88.3 the Saint at Siena College.
I always remember my parents telling me this funny story that when I took my first step as an infant child that I walked right over to the radio.  How bizarre is that.
Radio is still a fun media to me even though it has changed in many directions because of technology, it will always be my theatre of the mind to me.
Radio is a mission in which I can feed my live audience with memories of musical talent when I keep mixing it up, keeping it fresh and always remembering the real oldies.   I'm happy for the opportunity to be a volunteer at the Saint.

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December 22, 2014

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